Technologies we work with:

Mobilní aplikace
Mobile app

iOS, Android, Cross-platform

UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design

MeteorJS, ElectronJS, PyInstaller, PySide/PyQT, Flutter, ReactJS.

Komunikační protokoly
Communication protocols

NFC, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wireless M-Bus, proprietary FSK, PSK and ASK based protocols, WiFi, M-Bus, Modbus, DMX, DALI, CAN-Bus, Ethernet.

LPWAN sítě

"Low Power Wide Area" networks such are LoRaWAN or NB-IoT.

Embedded Software stack & technologies
Embedded Software stack & technologies

OpenWRT, FreeRTOS, Yocto, MQX, ZephyrOS, LwIP, Lua, eRPC, RPMsg

Hardware návrhy
Hardware designs

Eagle, KiCAD, PSpice, LTSpice, RF designs, RF circuits and testing, analog designs, high frequency designs, designs focused on low power consumption.


STM32 family, NXP MCU family, Beaglebone Black, Beagleboard X15, Aria G25, Onion Omega2

Další technologie
Other technologies

Docker, BTRFS, Ubuntu, OpenVPN, Nextcloud, Gitlab, Jira, Clockify

SW development

In the field of custom software development we work mainly in the domain of so-called embedded applications that run on simple electronic devices such as battery-powered sensors or similar devices. We are also able to develop customized mobile, desktop or web applications.

HW development

As part of custom hardware development, we are able to develop, manufacture, install, bring up and test hardware exactly to the client’s requirements. We offer schematic design in Eagle and KiCAD, prototype production of developed hardware including installation and commissioning, ensuring small-series and serial production of hardware and preparation of automated testing solutions for small series production.

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