Why us?

Your partner for the innovation

Development is not about using only one technology, but about the ability to design possible solutions using several technologies, testing them, and selecting a suitable variant for subsequent implementation.

We have completed a wide range of projects, from IoT through the use of optical fiber to measure the detonation rate to the complete design and manufacture of water dispensers, including service applications and payment portals.

Contact us with the problem you are solving and we will help you to come up with a solution. 

Team of experts

In our team we have experts on various issues, with which we work according to the current needs of the project. We do not make universal designs, but specific devices capable of solving specific requirements.

We know what it takes to manufacture

Thanks to our own products, we know what the production entails. We can be your partner from the first design to serial production, as well as help you with the automation of the production process.

Active projects
Years on the market

Picked collaborations

OZM Research s.r.o.
SW development
Design of an device for measuring detonation velocity, shock waves and other detonation parameters using several probes with optical fibers together with a continuous recording of light signal intensity.
SW & HW Development
Collaboration on the development of a device that monitors container information. The device must be able to go into low power mode and send data via LTE to the Amazon cloud system.
Emilia Clarke
HW and SW development
Development of a complex solution for an intelligent water vending machine. The solution consists of 3 main parts - the main electronics controlling the water valves, QR reader and water meter. Mobile application for iOS and Android and a virtual private server with a database of statistics and user information.
Emilia Clarke
TESLUX Lighting s.r.o.
Integration partner
Smart street lighting in a private LoRaWAN network consisting of the supply of hardware elements and their installation.
INSTAR ITS Ostrava, a.s.
Integration partner
For the Instar ITS company and their public lighting platform H-Smart, we supplied actuators for smart public lighting, which were installed in Prague.
Integration partner
Remote energy readings project via M-Bus with customized converter behavior.
Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions s.r.o.
Integration partner
Together with Cleverlance, we have done a project of remote energy readings in a clay processing plant. The project included the set-up of an proprietary LoRaWAN network and server management of the devices, including the LoRa gateway.
Zpt Vigantice spol.s r.o.
SW development
Design, development and maintenance of partial SW modules of a server solution of a communication system based on Linux together with a web administration interface for the configuration of the entire system.