Wireless M-Bus IoT converter

WM-Bus technology allows data to be read wirelessly from up to 216 meters simultaneously by a single device using the Wireless M-Bus protocol EN 137 57-3.

Long battery life of up to 10 years makes the IoT converter an ideal tool for remote energy readings in apartment buildings.

  • Komunikace po NB-IoT síti
  • Wireless M-Bus T1,C1,S1 mode with automatic switching between the modes
  • Proprietární protokol Metra, podpora odečtu Sensus iPERL a Sontex Radian
  • Reading of up to 216 Wireless M-Bus meters
  • External antenna with SMA connector for the possibility of outputting the antenna or using the antenna with higher gain
  • Powered by D-cell battery or external 220V AC power supply
  • Battery life up to 10 years, depending on the frequency of communication
  • Integrated LUA scripting interface for modifying device logic without changing the firmware
  • Length: 145 mm
  • Wide: 90 mm
  • Height: 55 mm
  • IP coverage: IP65
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C to +60 °C
  • Montage: wall or pole
  • ACR-CV-101N-W-D2: Wireless M-Bus IoT converter to NB-IoT with 2 x D battery
  • ACR-CV-101N-W-D: Wireless M-Bus IoT converter to NB-IoT with D battery
  • ACR-CV-101N-W-EAC: Externally powered WM-Bus to NB-IoT
  • Configuration converter
  • 1x IoT converter
  • 1x Antenna

Převodník komunikuje pomocí NB-IoT sítě.

The external SMA connector allows you to pull the antenna out in installations where it is not possible to operate radio equipment otherwise - for example in sheet metal cabinets.

We offer battery-powered variants for installations where there is no access to power and externally powered variants for long-term operation without worries.

The device lasts up to 10 years on one battery with a sending period of once a month. Consumption when sending a message is 0.067mAh.

The LUA scripting language allows you to adapt the device to a specific project and very quickly implement additional functions that may be needed.

Tested with the following devices

- B-Meter IWM-TX3
- Maddalena Radio Evo 868
- ZENNER Minomess
- AXIS Industries WFH-M
- Qundis Q Cal 5.5
- ZENNER zelsius
- Maddalena ITN Gradus
- Engelmann HCA e2
- Apator AT-WMBUS-16-2
- Techem ITN Radio 4
- Maddalena MicroCLIMA EVO
- Apator Metra E-ITN 30
- Apator Metra E-RM 30
- BFW 240 radio - Apator Ultrimis
- Sontex 868
- Weptech Munia temp
- Lansen temperature and humidity sensor LAN-WMBUS-C-TH
- Sensus iPERL 433
- Maddalena ARROW Module
- Kamstrup Multical 21
- Sontex Ei6500-SA2-R
- Sontex Supercom 581
- Sontex Supercal 739
- Sontex Superaqua 1
- Sontex 566
- Sontex 556
- Sontex 587
- Diehl Sharky 774
- Diehl Sharky 775
- Flamco LogoplusSonic

Uncommon long battery life

Přestože máme v nabídce i ekonomickou variantu s baterií formátu AA, nejoblíbenějším převodníkem je varianta s baterií ve formátu "D", která u zařízení poskytuje kapacitu 19 Ah. Můžete si tak dovolit posílat zprávy mnohem častěji, než vůbec potřebujete. Společně s optimalizovanou spotřebou se snadno dostáváme na životnost nad 10 let. Pro extrémně náročné aplikace dodáváme battery pack s 2xD baterií o kapacitě 38 Ah nebo externě napájené varianty s rozsahem napájení 85 - 305V AC.

Robust design for the most demanding applications

In our designs, we aim for the most robust design that can withstand rough handling. All sensitive components are on the underside of the PCB where there is no risk of damage. SMA connectors are not in the form of a so-called pigtail, but it is a solid piece of metal. We do not buy third-party radio modules, but we design our own solutions. The bushings themselves are sealed with both a rubber seal and a glued thread seal. The printed circuit board is lacquered and on the top side of the board, there are only those components with which the user should interact with. We do everything we can so that our products can be operated in the most demanding applications.

Customization to any application

The converter is used for electricity meter or water meter readings where the output is defined. But more often than not, you need to read a non-standard device or you come across an application that you can't find any product "from the shelf". For these projects, we can prepare a turnkey solution and use a LUA script to modify the device so that it works reliably in a defined application, or make the necessary changes to the hardware itself.

Custom integration service

We also offer customers a custom integration service. It is especially suitable for those who want a complete turnkey solution and do not want to deal with the integration of a specific device/meter. Based on the equipment that needs to be read remotely, we will prepare a solution, including documentation for a specific application.

Case study - apartment building readings

For our customer, we implemented a project of water meter readings and secondary calorimeters in apartment buildings. Due to poor signal throughput and apartment situation, 2 Wireless M-Bus units were used to communicate on the NB-IoT network with periodic data transmission once a week. One of the challenges was how to collect data from water meters communicating in the so-called "C" mode and secondary calorimeters communicating in the so-called "S" mode. By easily modifying the logic of the LUA script, we are able to collect data from both frequencies and then send it via the NB-IoT network to a database that further serves the customer. The device lasts 5 years of operation on one battery in a similar mode.

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