Wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus) IoT converter

With the imminent enforcement of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), the demand for frequent remote energy readings, possibly on a monthly basis, presents a significant challenge for service and utility companies. Managing meters from diverse manufacturers, each with its unique communication protocols, can be a complex task.

To address this, two primary solutions emerge: replacing existing meters with integrated LoRaWAN communication technology or installing stationary units capable of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) to collect and transmit data seamlessly. 

We specialize in designing and producing fixed installation units that excel at the efficient transfer of meter log data over the NB-IoT network to your server. These units support a range of protocols, including:

  • wM-Bus OMS – often used for walk-by readings
  • Apator Metra E-ITN 30 & E-RM 30
  • Sontex Radian protocol
  • Sensus iPERL 433MHz

The device has been designed for swift installation, without the necessity for additional communication infrastructure such as local internet connection. Moreover, its battery power supply operates autonomously, without requiring any local intervention in the premises' electrical network. 

The battery life of up to 10 years positions it as the optimal solution for remote energy readings in residential buildings, guaranteeing adherence to the EED directive.

  • Communication in licensed band over NB-IoT network
  • Typical coverage is 3 to 4 floors for water meters and HCAs
  • Wireless M-Bus T1/C1, S1 mode with automatic switching between the modes
  • Support of proprietary Apator Metra protocol
  • Support of Sensus iPERL 433MHz
  • Support of Sontex Radian protocol
  • Readout of up to 800 Wireless M-Bus devices
  • External antenna with SMA connector for the possibility of outputting the antenna or using the antenna with higher gain
  • Power supply by D-cell battery, 2x D-cell batteries or external 220V AC power supply
  • Battery life up to 10 years, depending on the frequency of communication
  • Integrated LUA scripting interface for modifying device logic without changing the firmware
  • FUOTA - Firmware update over the air over NB-IoT network
  • 100% remote configuration over NB-IoT network
  • Can be used with REST API backend to manage units, meters, installations and data parsing. Output in the form of export to SFTP or HTTP POST method
  • Device-level filtering - manufacturer ID, device type, device ID, manufacturer-specific frame filtering
  • Installation without on-site configuration
  • Pre-configured plug & play units available
  • Possibility to set-up a scheduled calendar readout
  • NB-IoT network failure recovery mechanisms
  • Length: 145 mm
  • Wide: 90 mm
  • Height: 55 mm
  • IP coverage: IP67
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C to +60 °C
  • Montage: wall or pole
  • Weight: 395 g / 450 g
  • VSWR: ~1.8:1
  • Installation time: < 15 minutes
  • ACR-CV-101NI-W-D2: Wireless M-Bus IoT converter to NB-IoT with 2 x D battery
  • ACR-CV-101NI-W-D: Wireless M-Bus IoT converter to NB-IoT with D battery
  • ACR-CV-101N-W-EAC: Externally powered WM-Bus to NB-IoT
  • ACR-CV-101NI-W433-D2: Battery powered Wireless M-Bus converter supporting Sensus iPERL & Sontex Radian 433MHz protocol
  • Configuration cable ACR-CONFIG
  • 1x IoT converter
  • 1x Antenna
  • 1x Battery

We support both open and proprietary protocols for maximum installation flexibility - be it wM-Bus OMS, Apator Metra, Sontex Radian or Sensus iPERL

NB-IoT communication in the licensed band ensures the best possible data security and seamless network connectivity wherever you are. .

Battery-powered units allow for quick installation in less than 15 minutes without the need to find the nearest power outlet. We can send the units to you ready for installation

The device can transmit for up to 10 years on a single battery with a reading period of once a week. The battery is user replaceable and included in the package.

Optionally, you can use the REST configuration API to remotely configure units, collect data, parse it and forward it to your server. The tool can be integrated with any NB-IoT provider.

Compatibility tested with (not only) meters below -

– B-Meters IWM-TX3
– Maddalena Radio Evo 868
– ZENNER Minomess
– AXIS Industries WFH-M
– Qundis Q Cal 5.5
– ZENNER zelsius
– Maddalena ITN Gradus
– Engelmann HCA e2
– Apator AT-WMBUS-16-2
– Techem ITN Radio 4
– Maddalena MicroCLIMA EVO
– Apator Metra E-ITN 30
– Apator Metra E-RM 30
– BFW 240 radio – Apator Ultrimis
– Sontex 868

– Weptech Munia temp
– Sensus iPERL 433

– Maddalena ARROW Module
– Kamstrup Multical 21
– Sontex Ei6500-SA2-R
– Sontex Supercom 581
– Sontex Supercal 739
– Sontex Superaqua 1
– Sontex 566
– Sontex 556
– Sontex 587
– Diehl Sharky 774
– Diehl Sharky 775
– Flamco LogoplusSonic
 Landy&Gyr ULTRAHEAT T330 (UH30…)

Alternative to the CRS 40 central reading system

The CRS 40 central reading system is used for remote online reading of data transmitted by E-ITN 30 heating cost allocators and E-RM 30 radio modules for water meters from Apator Metra.

Our solution can be used as an alternative to the CRS 40 system with the difference in battery power and NB-IoT communication. There is no need to find a suitable installation location with regard to power supply availability or ethernet connection.

Easy installation without any configuration on-site

According to the 2021 population count, there are about 4 480 139 appartments. It's important to have a solution that is installed as quickly as possible - no on-site configuration, no power connections, no Ethernet cables, etc. Every minute saved is equivalent to almost 5 000 hours*!

We work with our installation partners to find and test ways to achieve the greatest savings in time, energy, and money - from installation by the landlord in a mailing model, to 100% remote configuration over NB-IoT and to models requiring absolutely no configuration using HW-level filtering.

*calculated assuming 5 flats per floor

Sontex Supercom remote meter readings

As part of the 433 MHz product version, we also support remote readings of Sontex Supercom meters using two-way communication Sontex Radian protocol. The solution is a viable alternative to the Superlink C unit, that can be used where IP67 protection is required for outdoor installation.

REST API Backend - Device management software

The backend serves as a communication bridge between ACRIOS devices and the NB-IoT network provider. The tool allows you to manage endpoint devices and their configuration, import installations, parse received data, and forward it to your server.

The backend is a great solution for a quick proof of concept installation to test the entire solution before deciding what to integrate within your internal system or what configuration is needed.

As part of the proof of concept installation, we will take care of connectivity, configuration, data parsing and data forwarding to your server.