Smart street lighting solution

LoRa control system for remote control and management of public lighting. The system works with the LoRaWAN protocol. 

NEMA smart street light module

NEMA IoT module ready for the integration. Module works on the LoRaWAN protocol v1.0.3 with the OTAA and FUOTA 

ZHAGA smart street light module

ZHAGA IoT module ready for the integration. Module works on the LoRaWAN protocol v1.0.3 with the OTAA and FUOTA 

Private LoRaWAN network

LoRaWAN gateway with an excellent price-performance ratio suitable for the operation of a private network, which can be used in public lighting projects.

Pulse pattern detection

Use case with detection of pulse pattern waveforms and, based on the detected pattern, sending a defined message to the LoRa Network Server. 

RS-485 probe integration

Remote temperature and humidity readings in the range from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C with an accuracy of 0.3 ° C.

Remote Elcor ELGAS readings

Implementation of proprietary Elgas 2 protocol into RS-485 IoT converter. Possibility of two-way communication with time synchronization.

IoT calorimeter module

IoT module of Sharky 755 and Scylar INT8 calorimeters developed in cooperation with fa. ENBRA.

WM-Bus water meter and ITN readings

Wireless reading of WM-Bus devices in residential buildings, such as water meters and calorimeters.

LoRa water meter module

IoT module of the water meter can detect attempts to influence the magnet, as well as the actual disassembly of the module and return flow.

Remote monitoring of the vacuum sewer system

Remote monitoring of vacuum sewers detects the dampers within the sump and warns if the damper remains open. 

Gas meter readings

Gas meter readings by pulse input converter with communication either to LoRaWAN or NB-IoT. Possibility to adjust the behavior of the device according to customer requirements. 

M-Bus meter readings

Remote meter readings with M-Bus interface with communication via NB-IoT or LoRaWAN.

IR electricity meter readings

Remote meter readings using IR interface and RS-485 converter. Communication takes place via NB-IoT or LoRaWAN. 

Multiple M-Bus node readings

Remote readings or communication with several M-Bus nodes at once using one converter. 

Remote readings of Glötzl loadcell

Remote Glötzl loadcell readings via the analog converter to the NB-IoT or LoRaWAN

Remote water pH measurements

Remote measurement of water acidity by connecting an RS-485 converter with a corresponding pH probe. LoRaWAN or NB-IoT communication.

1-Wire IoT converters

Converters suitable for connecting 1-Wire elements, such as the DS18B20 thermometer to a LoRaWAN or NB-IoT network.